Look Up Look Out

What is Look Up Look Out?

Powerlines are very much a part of the landscape, so much so that it's easy to forget they're there.

Look Up Look Out highlights the need for machinery operators, farmers, forestry workers, anglers, hunters and 4WD enthusiasts to take greater care when working or undertaking leisure activities near powerlines.

Just a moment of inattention can have tragic consequences. Machinery, tools and leisure equipment do not actually have to touch powerlines for fatal results – powerlines are dangerous if you or your equipment moves too close to them.

Safety tips

Some important safety tips:

  • Check the location of overhead wires and underground cables before commencing work.
  • Know the exact height of your vehicle, equipment or machinery, especially when the tray, boom or aerial is fully raised or extended.
  • Be careful when carrying long poles, such as irrigation pipes or fishing poles, upright while under powerlines. It can have fatal results.
  • Work with observers who can warn machine operators when they are approaching overhead powerlines.
  • Be aware of the terrain when approaching powerlines. Appearances can be deceptive, especially on steeper slopes when lines may be closer to the ground than they appear.
  • Keep your distance. Lines can also flex and sag depending on the amount of electricity flowing through them and the air temperature at the time, as well as swinging sideways in high winds.
  • Our message to farmers, machinery operators and the general community is stay safe and always Look Up Look Out before you start work or any recreational pursuit. It could save your life.

Free information

Free information and promotional material is available to assist you in promoting this vital safety information within your workplace.

Contact Aurora's Fault Centre on 13 2004 if you have any questions regarding Look Up Look Out or if you would like to place an order for material.