Aurora tendering system

Aurora Energy's tenders are now being listed and processed via the e-Tendering website Tenderlink. This system has been incorporated to improve the speed and efficiency for both Aurora Energy and our suppliers.

How does it work?

To use this system and to access the tenders being called by Aurora Energy you must first be a registered Supplier. You will then receive access to the latest tenders and all relevant tendering information.

To find out more, register or view Aurora's current tenders visit the Tenderlink website (external link).

Contractor and supplier information

Aurora provides information to ensure all suppliers and contractors are aware of your obligations and Aurora’s expectations of your performance - and what you can expect from us.

View Aurora's contractor and supplier information.

Network integration

Contractor and supplier information

You may be aware that the Government is undertaking reform of the electricity sector in Tasmania. Part of the reform includes merging the network businesses of Aurora Energy and Transend Networks to form a new network business. This will result in network services being delivered in a more efficient and cost effective manner. The new merged business is expected to commence on 1 July 2014. Until then Aurora and Transend will continue to operate as usual.

The Government has appointed a Transition Board to oversee the integration of the two businesses. This is an important step forward in the process to merger. The Board is expected to be in place by mid-2013 and will be responsible for making key decisions that will affect the new business.

We understand that you will want to know how the changes may impact your business. We will keep you informed throughout the process. As more details become available, we will update the information on this page. More detail about the Government's electricity reform announcement is available at www.electricity.tas.gov.au (external link).