Electricity network distribution charter

Our Distribution Customer Commitment

We believe that every customer is important and that they should receive the highest standard of customer service we can provide. As a result you can count on us to undertake the following as a minimum level of service:

  1. If we make an appointment with you, we aim to be on location at the appointed time. If we are going to be delayed by more than 15 minutes, we will contact you where possible and reschedule the appointment to another time agreed to by you.
  2. We will ensure that all our public areas are accessible to people with disabilities.
  3. We will provide for the needs of the visually and hearing impaired so they can have access to our services.
  4. We are committed to keeping your personal information confidential and will only disclose your personal information to another person if you have given valid consent, or if the disclosure is required by law for a legal investigation or for legal proceedings. View our comprehensive privacy policy.

If we do not meet the promises in our customer commitment, we will pay you $30.

Getting you Connected


  1. If you are moving into a premises with an existing connection, we will reconnect you no later than the next business day providing we receive the request from your preferred electricity retailer in the required time.

New Connection

  1. Where your premises have not been previously connected to our electricity network we will connect your premises within the agreed timeframes made between us and your preferred electricity retailer or an agreed date (if an appointment has been requested by your electrical contractor) providing we have unrestricted access and the premises is electrically safe.

Changes to your meter

  1. If your premises require alterations to the existing metering or connection as a result of work performed by your licensed Electrical Contractor, we will complete the request within the timeframes agreed between us and your preferred electricity retailer.

    If we don't meet the connection standards agreed between us and your preferred retailer, we will pay you $30 for each business day late, up to a maximum of $150.

Alterations to the Network – modifications that require building poles and wires

  1. If your connection involves changes or extensions to the electricity network we will negotiate a date of completion for these works. Please plan ahead and contact us as early as possible by phoning 1300 137008 or via email at networkcustomersupply@auroraenergy.com.au regarding your request.

    If we don't meet the date that we have agreed with you for the completion of these works, we will pay you $30 for each business day late, up to a maximum of $150.

Keeping you connected

Planned interruptions

  1. Sometimes, interruption to your supply is unavoidable. If you lose supply, please call us on our 24 hour emergency and fault line 132004. We will have a crew out to investigate as soon as practical.

    If we plan an interruption to your supply and have not made specific arrangements with you, we will give you at least four business days' written notice (or at least five days if we have to use radio announcements, press advertisements or similar means).

  2. If you let us know that a person at your address is dependent on a life support machine, we will give you at least four business days' written or personal notice of a planned interruption to your power supply unless we agree otherwise with you. Call us on 13 2004 for more information on this service.

    Please note that we do not supply generators to individual customers. We recommend that if your business is dependant upon a continuous supply of power, then you should consider installing an uninterruptible power supply device. Your Electrical Contractor should be able to advise on the most suitable option for a continuous supply of electricity during times of planned and unplanned interruptions.

    If we don't meet our planned interruption promise, or if we fail to notify you if you are on our life support register, we will pay you $30.

Supply Reliability and Restoration

  1. We aim to provide a reliable supply for all of our customers and timely restoration if your power does go out.

    Our system cannot notify us of all faults and in some cases we rely on our customers to report interruptions to their supply. We keep track of all recorded interruptions, and you may be entitled to a payment should the interruptions exceed the limits for length and number of outages throughout the year. Any qualifying payment will be sent to you automatically. Our aim is to make any payment to you within 12 weeks of the qualifying interruption.

    Further details in relation to this promise and the full terms and conditions are available by calling 13 2003 or by viewing our Electricity Network page.

    If interruptions to your supply exceed the limits set for duration or frequency we will send you a minimum payment of $80 up to a maximum of $160 depending on the circumstances of the interruption.

Claims for Loss or Damage

  1. If you suffer loss or damage to your property as a result of an event affecting your electricity supply, you may be eligible to make a claim. Claims can be made by contacting us on 1800 060 399 or by filling out our claim form.

    We will acknowledge your claim within 5 business days of its receipt by the Supply Quality team. We will then investigate the circumstances of your situation and provide you with a written response once the investigation has been completed.

    If we do not acknowledge your claim within five business days of receipt, we will pay you $30.

Your property

Access to property

  1. We require unrestricted access to our electrical equipment at all times. If we need to access your property we will carry official identification and produce it for your inspection.

    When accessing your property, we will leave your property in the condition we found it (excluding any changes we have to make to the electrical equipment to ensure a safe and reliable supply). You can advise us of any special arrangements or requirements you may have concerning access to your premises or property by calling 1300 13 2003.

    If we do not meet this promise, we will pay you $30.


  1. We are responsible for maintaining minimum clearance for vegetation near our powerlines, which may include your trees overhanging our lines in the street, or trees that are within the clearance space on your property. For a comprehensive overview of customer responsibilities please view our Electricity Network page.

    When carrying out vegetation clearing work, we will leave your property in the condition we found it (excluding any works we are required to carry out to ensure a safe and reliable supply). If we fail to meet this promise we will pay you $30.


  1. We operate and maintain the streetlighting system throughout Tasmania on behalf of Councils and other Government Road Authorities. Therefore, requests for additional lights or other lighting arrangements should be made to them directly. All streetlighting outages should be reported to us on 132004.

    Once we have been advised of a defective streetlight in your street, we will replace it within seven business days of notification of the fault.

    If you are the first person to report a streetlighting outage in your street and we don't meet our promise, we will pay you $30 for each business day that we are late, up to a maximum of $150.

Making a claim under the charter

  1. We take our customer service standards seriously so if you feel we have not complied with our guaranteed service standards you have the right to request a payment to your account. Please call us on 1800 06 0399. We will investigate your claim and send you a reply within ten business days.

    If we don't respond within ten business days, we will pay you $30 in addition to other payments which may be due to you.

Complaints and Feedback

Call us on free call 1800 06 0399 to provide feedback or lodge a complaint.

If we cannot provide you with a response immediately, we will acknowledge the receipt of your enquiry and either return your call or send a written reply within ten business days.

Should the matter not be resolved with us you have the right to refer any complaint to the Energy Ombudsman on 1800 001 170.

We'll make every effort

Occasionally exceptional circumstances prevent us from meeting your service request. These include: when we cannot obtain access to your home or premises; emergencies; major disruption to supplies; action by third parties (such as vandalism); or risks to safety. Although we cannot offer guarantees in these cases, we will make every effort to give you the best possible service. Any payments made in relation to our customer service standards are made without any admission of legal liability.