Power Interruptions

Power outages

Search for power outages in your area or view all current planned and unplanned outages.

Planned interruptions

Planned power interruptions occur so that we can work on the electricity network with minimum interference.

Unplanned interruptions

Unplanned interruptions can occur due to events such as storms and accidents. We aim to repair these as quickly as possible.

Protecting your electrical appliances

Find out how to make sure your electrical appliances are protected if there is an electrical surge.

Aurora's Supply Reliability Guarantee

Our commitment to ensuring the safe supply of electricity to Tasmanian homes and businesses with minimal interruption.

Claims for damage or loss of property

Please use this form to lodge your details regarding your claim for damage or loss of property and arrange for the appropriate documents to be posted to you.

Fallen powerlines

Fallen powerlines can be the dangerous result of a storm or other event. Find out what to do.