What is the 'buyback rate' for the solar energy I export?

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  • What is the 'buyback rate' for the solar energy I export?

    The rate at which Aurora buys back the excess energy you produce depends on the size of your solar system and whether you are a residential or business customer. For solar PV systems under 10kW the rate is the same as the tariff you pay Aurora for the energy you use:
    • Residential rate
    Tariff 31 All kWh 
    • Business rate
    This will be at the rate of your current business tariff. The current general business tariff is Tariff 22 
    *(rates current as at July 2013)
    View Aurora's current rates and charges
    For large solar systems 10kW and over the buyback rate will be determined on a case by case basis. If your system is 10kW or over please contact Aurora on 1300 13 2003.
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