Standard electricity rates and charges

Detailed information on Aurora's rates and charges for homes

Gas rates and charges

Connection and running costs for gas.

Aurora PAY AS YOU GO rates and charges

Rates and charges for Aurora's prepaid electricity product.

Electricity cost breakdown

Find out what what makes up the cost of electricity price for regulated tariffs in 2012-13.

AuroraGreen rates and charges

This is Aurora's GreenPower alternative, and the rates depend on the amount of AuroraGreen you purchase.

Heating cost comparison

Compare costs for a range of heating options, including heat pumps, OffPeak heating, gas and portable heating.

Appliance calculators

Calculate the running costs on a rang of appliances around the home.

AuroraGreen calculator

AuroraGreen calculator

Streetlighting rates and charges (PDF 255KB)

View the current retail public streetlighting rates.