Code of Conduct

Aurora Energy has a commitment to the highest standards of honesty and integrity in delivering superior service both internally and externally to customers' stakeholders and the wider community.

Code of Conduct

Under the Code all people working at Aurora Energy commit to:

  1. Work safely and in accordance with the law
  2. Treat customers, the public and fellow employees with honesty, courtesy and respect
  3. Perform our duties with professionalism, integrity and efficiency
  4. Ensure our personal business and financial interests do not conflict with our duty to Aurora Energy
  5. Ensure the security and privacy of all confidential information received in the course of our work
  6. Ensure we do not misuse our position
  7. Ensure that Aurora Energy assets and resources are only used for proper business purposes
  8. Recognise, value and effectively utilise the diversity among our people
  9. Demonstrate our care for the environment in the way we work.

More Information

For more information view our Code of Conduct (PDF 380KB).