Retailer of Last Resort

As a retailer of electricity to Tasmanian consumers, Aurora Energy is the nominated ‘Retailer of Last Resort’ or ‘RoLR’ for the Tasmanian jurisdiction.  This has been done as part of the new national energy regulatory framework established through the National Electricity Retail Law (NERL).

The nomination of a RoLR is a key consumer protection for customers in retail markets where there are two or more retailers providing electricity to consumers.  Essentially, the presence of a RoLR means that if in future your retailer ceased to operate there is another retailer ready and able to take on your details at short notice and ensure continuity of supply to your premises.

Aurora Energy is required to publish the terms and conditions customers can expect to operate on if a RoLR event occurred and the customer was transferred to Aurora Energy in its capacity as the RoLR.

For residential customers and small business customers who use less than 150MWh per annum, these are terms and conditions set out in Aurora Energy's Standard Retail Contract.

For ‘large customers’, whose energy use is above 150 MWh per annum, Aurora Energy’s default Terms and Conditions for Large Customers apply (PDF 178KB)

Aurora Energy observes that instances of retailer failure are highly rare and have never occurred in the Tasmanian market.  However, if you are a customer who believes that your retailer has ceased to operate, please contact Aurora Energy on:

Residential: 1300 13 2003
Business: 1300 13 2045

More information on how a RoLR event will be managed and coordinated is available from the Australian Energy Regulator (external link).