Aurora Energy’s Commitment to the Environment

Aurora Energy is your 100 per cent Tasmanian owned and operated energy retailer who sources the majority of its electricity from renewable sources including hydro, wind power and solar.

Aurora Energy is committed to minimising its impact on the environment. Aurora Energy achieves this through implementing a sustainable approach to all of its activities. As an office based organisation, Aurora Energy reduces its operational impact on the environment by:

  • supporting paperless practices;
  • utilising certified carbon neutral printing paper;
  • recycling our printer cartridges; and
  • providing recycling facilities for paper and kitchen recyclables.

Aurora Energy encourages its customers to minimise their impact on the environment through providing:

  • energy consumption reduction advice;
  • an option to purchase accredited GreenPower; and
  • the ability to go paperless and receive their bill electronically.

Aurora Energy takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and recognises the value of the environment to the community and future generations. Aurora Energy’s success is dependent on strong community relations and consideration of its environmental footprint.

Aurora Energy is committed to reducing its environmental impact through sustainable operations and ensuring that consideration for the environment is an integral part of all its activities.