Congratulations to our 2022 grant recipients!

We would love to congratulate the following organisations who have received one of our Community Grants in 2022.

Housing Choices Tasmania - “Community Curtain Crew”
A project that focuses on making and providing curtains for new residents in Public Housing properties. When allocated Public Housing, the properties do not come with window furnishings which leaves residents vulnerable due to lack of privacy, increased power costs, and security risks. The grant will assist in the purchasing of sewing machines and fabric.

Mosaic Support Services - “Mosaic Online”
Mosaic Online will be a suite of outreach programs that help persons with disabilities and their families connect with others through a range of online service offerings and support. The programs will encourage social interactions, enable those in remote or isolated communities to participate, and improve learning capability.

Geeveston Community Centre - “Let’s Get Digital”
A project aimed at adapting current programs to meet the COVID safety requirements, to ensure more seniors in the Huon Valley are skilled and empowered to connect online. The weekly sessions will arm participants with iPads, digital education, and practical course content so they can stay connected with service providers and family and friends.

Rosebery Neighbourhood House - “Rosebery Community Garden”
A garden that provides fresh produce that is available to all, with growing and tending encouraged.  The fresh produce is then distributed throughout the community which is often unable to access fresh produce otherwise. The funds will go towards the purchase of seeds, other fruit and vegetable plants, tables, and shade for the gardens.

St. Helen’s Neighbourhood House - “Free2b Rainbow”
An inclusive after-school program designed to meet the needs of youth in the community who are learning about themselves and who they are in the LGBTIQA+ space.  The program will create a safe and welcoming space for everyone, focussing on building connections, and acceptance, as well as reducing discrimination and stigma.

Men’s Resources Tasmania - “Connecting Young Tassie Blokes”
This project seeks to reach younger men with key messages around staying physically and mentally healthy while managing emotions and health communication. Acknowledging the strengths, potential, and value of young men, and their importance to the community is vital and positive messages are needed to drive this.

The Aurora Energy Community Grants, good things happen here, offer financial support of up to $10,000 per grant for eligible applicants.

This round focuses on three themes, connecting communities, supporting each other, and growing together. We are seeking applicants who can demonstrate a financial need for a project, event, or program that will:

Grow together 

Programs that assist vulnerable youth and elderly members of our community. Encouraging connections, offering support and assistance.

Support each other

Engage communities impacted by social isolation and the literacy or digital literacy divide. Programs or events that enable remote or socially isolated community members to reach out, find and share resources to develop digital literacy and literacy.

Connect communities

Drive sustainability through education, resources, and connecting with community members to improve access to education on sustainable practices or local projects aimed at improving sustainability among local communities.


Applications are now closed

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