Community Grants

Aurora Energy is helping to make a difference.

Applications for the Aurora Energy Community Grants: Round 2 have now closed.

Successful community grant recipients will be announced in mid-July 2018.

In 2017, Aurora Energy launched its first round of community grants, awarding $30,000 to six projects that helped to reduce disadvantage and foster inclusion in Tasmania.

Recipients of the Aurora Energy Community Grant: Round 1 are:

Zeehan Neighbourhood Centre:

The Zeehan Neighbourhood Centre (ZNC) has been operating in Zeehan for 30 years and provides a variety of services and programs, including Centrelink, seniors programs, community morning teas, children programs, learner driver tests, NILS loans and craft groups.

Zeehan had no programs for children and youth during the school holidays. The Aurora Energy Community Grant has assisted the ZNC to deliver a school holiday program that give children and youth of Zeehan the opportunity to participate in a variety of events ranging from craft, cooking, fun-days, and sports. The children and youth program will assist to keep young people busy, safe and off the streets and something to look forward to during the holiday period. View the media release.

Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania:

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) involves thick sticky mucus that builds up in a sufferer’s lungs, making breathing difficult. Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania helps children understand the disease by calling it the ‘mucus monster’ – a villain that they have to fight to avoid infection which leads to decreased lung function.

The most significant weapon in the fight against ‘mucus monsters’ is nebulisers, which deliver saline and medication to the lungs of sufferers and help to clear the airways of mucus – without this equipment a sufferer would literally drown in their own mucus. Nebulisers are not provided by the public health system. The Aurora Energy Community Grant will support the purchase of a range of airway clearance devices for sufferers. View the media release

Choir of High Hopes:

The Choir of High Hopes Hobart is a safe and inclusive environment where vulnerable Tasmanians meet weekly to join together in song and experience social interaction and inclusion. The choir is open to anyone who seeks fellowship, support and the challenge of developing and refining vocal skills.

The Aurora Energy Community Grant has assisted the choir to rebrand as an identity and performance group, providing the opportunity to lift the choir’s profile across the state, particularly in greater Hobart. This will assist to bring the practical benefits of improved health and wellbeing to a number of disadvantaged and vulnerable Tasmanians.


Whitelion is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to assisting young people between the ages of 10 – 24 who are severely disadvantaged to give them the ‘courage to grow’ and build better futures.

The Aurora Energy Community Grant will assist Whitelion to deliver their annual camp. From past experience, young people feel an improvement in their self-esteem and find a sense of belonging amongst their peers who have come from similar backgrounds. Young people report feeling more confident in their social and communication skills through meeting new people and forming new friendships. Additionally young people tend to leave the camp with an increased motivation to return to education or employment and reduce their involvement in risk taking behaviours such as substance misuse or offending.

Cancer Council Tasmania:

Cancer Council Tasmania (CCT) is a charity organisation working to minimise the incidence and impact of cancer on all Tasmanians through advocacy, raising awareness of cancer prevention and offering support and information for those affected by cancer.

The Aurora Energy Community Grant will assist CCT to deliver a no-cost oncology massage service to help people manage their experience with cancer. Benefits include improved relaxation, sleep and immune function as well as helping to relieve anxiety, pain, fatigue and nausea. Oncology massage can also help with disfigurement and pain around surgical scarring and also be used to prevent or manage lymphedema resulting in improved body self-image. View the media release.

Launceston Women’s Shelter:

The Launceston Women’s Shelter Incorporated is a not-for-profit short-term crisis accommodation provider for women with or without children experiencing homelessness, mainly due to family violence. The shelter provides 24-hour, seven-day-a-week, emergency accommodation and support. The organisation has been operating in Tasmania for almost 42 years and during this time has provided emergency accommodation and other support to thousands of women.

The Sleep Soundly Project will give the Launceston Women’s Shelter the ability to act immediately to provide support and shelter to women with young children and babies. It means clients in crisis will not be forced to couch surf or sleep in their cars but will have greater access to safety and shelter. Cots, sheets and blankets may seem a small measure of action but nowhere is it more crucial to address the risks of harm that young children may face by equipping our communities with a safe place to sleep. View the media release.