Advanced meters offer a range of benefits for customers. From better visibility and control of your usage to more access to digital products.

Easy meter reads

Most advanced meters are read remotely, so we won't need to visit your property every quarter to read your meter. That means people with dogs, locked gates or other access issues don't need to worry about providing access to their meter as often. 

Timely, accurate data

Your energy data is recorded in 15-minute intervals and sent to us on a daily basis (once per day), meaning you can have access to up to date information about your power. And because they're read remotely there's no room for human error, so you can be assured it's accurate. 

More visibility and control

Because your energy usage is recorded in 15-minute intervals, you can see when you're using your power. Knowing when and how you use your power gives you more control over your power use.  


Because your data is sent to us every day (your daily interval data is sent to us at the end of each day), we can better detect outages and faults. This means we can ensure you have a consistent and reliable power supply.

More innovative products to choose from

Advanced meters give us the opportunity to develop more innovative products for you. aurora+ is our first-ever digital product. aurora+ allows customers to view their daily usage, check their balance, and pay via an app on their phone or desktop. 

More digital products are on the way! We are currently developing a range of digital products which will give you more control and visibility of your power.