Advanced Meters

Why are Aurora PAYG meters being replaced?

Our Aurora Pay As You Go (APAYG) meters will reach the end of their functional life in December 2019 due to aging technology and will no longer be supported; all Aurora PAYG meters will need to be replaced as a result.

As part of the National energy reforms, known as Power of Choice, All Aurora Energy customers will eventually have their meters replaced with new advanced meters; making it easier to make more informed choices about your energy use.

Advanced meters open up exciting opportunities for Tasmanian customers as it enables Aurora to offer new products such as our new fully digital pay as you go product, Aurora Pay As You Go Plus.

Because Aurora PAYG meters will no longer be supported, our Aurora PAYG customers will be some of the first customers to receive their new advanced meters and these will be installed over the next 12 months. 

Everything you need to know about your new advanced meter

Advanced meters are the next generation of electricity meter and offer many benefits that aren’t available with a basic meter.

They record your energy usage in 30 minute intervals and, where mobile phone coverage allows your data to be sent securely on a daily basis to us.

Mobile phone coverage

Advanced meters need good network coverage to operate remotely and while here in Tasmania we have adequate network coverage, there are still some areas where coverage is limited. If your property falls into this category we will still be able to install an advanced meter and the meter will be able to record your usage in 30 minute intervals; however a meter reader will need to visit your property every 3 months to download your recorded energy data from your meter. This will mean that Aurora PAYG+ will not be suitable for you.

Our technicians require clear and safe access for all advanced meters so they can conduct safety and maintenance checks from time to time.

When will installation take place?

Existing Aurora PAYG meters will be replaced gradually by our appointed metering co-ordinator, Metering Dynamics and we will keep you updated on the roll-out progress over the next 12 months so you know when it’s coming to your area!

Once you have selected your new energy product, your meter exchange will be scheduled and we will contact you with the time, date and outage duration at least 4 business days before it takes place. If the date we schedule for you is not convenient, you can call the number provided on the interruption notification to request a change.

As long as there  is clear and safe access to the meter as well as sub boards and switches, there is no need for you to be home at the time of the meter exchange.