What is Aurora PAYG+

It is everything you like about Aurora PAYG but better!

Our new pay as you go product is called Aurora Pay As You Go Plus (Aurora PAYG+) and to begin, will only be available to existing PAYG customers.

Aurora PAYG+ has all the control of Aurora PAYG that we know many of you like, plus the convenience of allowing you to manage your energy account online.

Aurora PAYG+ will save you a visit to your recharge agent because now you can top up your energy account whenever you want just by using your phone, tablet or computer.

Your new advanced meter will store data every 30 minutes and send the data to us on a daily basis. As an Aurora PAYG+ customer you will be able to see your previous days data updated at approximately 10am each day. This product feature is only available to Aurora PAYG+ customers.

If you choose to transfer to Aurora PAYG+ you will receive a welcome email once your new advanced meter has been installed containing a unique link giving you access to your digital account where you can top up your account balance, view your daily energy usage + more. The digital service also provides notifications to help you stay in control of your account balance. There is a daily product service fee of just 11 cents which you will be able to view in your statement that is emailed monthly.

Learn more about how to use Aurora PAYG+ online services here.

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Standard daily supply charge 107.233c/day. Product Service Fee 11c/day.

Rates effective from 1 July 2019 but may be subject to change.

*Australian Eastern Standard Time. #Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

Setting up Aurora PAYG+

When you choose Aurora PAYG+, you will receive a confirmation email and then once your advanced meter has been installed the technician will notify us and within 5 days you will receive an email from us welcoming you to all the benefits of Aurora PAYG+.

In this email you will see a link to activate your new account. You will then be asked to choose your new password

Once you have confirmed your new account you can download the Aurora PAYG+ app onto your mobile device or continue to access your account from your computer.

When you first log into your account it will show your energy usage from the day your new advanced meter was installed and you may need to top up your account. Any remaining balances from your previous Aurora PAYG will be applied to your new account.