Pump it up this winter: How to use your Heat Pump efficiently

Published on
5 May 2022

Heat Pumps are one of the most efficient ways to heat your house in winter. Given that heating can account for over 40% of our winter power bills, learning the best ways to run yours can save you big time.  

Here are our top tips for using your heat pump this winter.  

How to use your heat pump efficiently this winter

  1. ONLY HEAT WHAT YOU NEED. Don't have heat pumps going in bedrooms or in rooms you're not using. Keep doors closed.  

  2. KEEP IT LOW. Don't set your heat pump to the maximum temperature as it won't heat the room any quicker, but it will use more energy. The best way to use a heat pump is to keep the setting low (18°C to 21°C).  

  3. DON’T RUN IT ALL DAY. No matter what your Dad, best friend or workmate tells you - leaving your heat pump on 24/7 to save money is a myth. You wouldn’t leave a car running all night so it was nice and warm in the morning but…  

  1. TIMING IS KEY. Use the timer function to heat the space 15 minutes before you use it. Make the most of heating your space during Off-Peak times if you’re on our Peak and Off-Peak Plan.  

  1. HIGHER FAN SPEED. A heat pump works most efficiently when set to a higher fan speed so use the highest speed you’re comfortable with. 

  1. DIRECT THE FLOW. Set your heat pump's airflow is to open spaces and away from windows, doors and furniture. 

  1. KEEP UP ON THE MAINTENANCE. It’s generally quick and easy to do. Clean both your indoor and outdoor heat pump filter regularly – at least once a year – to keep your pump as efficient as possible.