Stay on top

Published on
17 January 2021

Channy talks to customers all day about their power usage and how they can reduce their bills, so she has a lot of great power-saving tips and tricks up her sleeve.

She also knows that sometimes no matter how much power you save, bills can still put a strain on the household budget. 

Which is why she swears by this top tip: 

“When my bill got really high one winter, I set up automatic payments to come out of my bank account each fortnight. It was a great way to chip away at what I owed and eventually get in front.

Putting a little into your Aurora Energy account each week, fortnight or month rather than having to pay for a quarterly bill all at once can really keep the pressure off and help you stay on top of your power costs. 

Setting up direct debit is just one way you can pay. We have a number of different ways to pay your power bill.

Even better - say goodbye to quarterly bills all together! 

Easypay is our bill smoothing option where you pay the same amount throughout the year - even in winter, know exactly what you need to pay and avoid bill shock! 

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