Aurora Energy welcomes Regulator’s decision on electricity prices

Published on
21 June 2019

Following the Tasmanian Economic Regulator’s approval of regulated electricity prices today, Aurora Energy customers can now have peace of mind that their prices have been set and won’t change again throughout 2019-20.

The Regulator’s decision will see a modest price increase of 2 per cent for households and small businesses.

The prices reflect the Tasmanian Government’s decision to cap electricity prices to protect customers from ongoing increases to wholesale electricity costs.

CEO Rebecca Kardos said Aurora Energy, together with the Government and Regulator, had worked hard to deliver the best outcome for Tasmania.

“Over the past 4 years Aurora Energy has consistently been able to offer customers some of the lowest power prices in Australia. One of the reasons for this is that Aurora Energy’s prices are set by the Regulator,” Mrs Kardos said.

“As the only regulated retailer in Tasmania, Aurora Energy’s prices are subject to the scrutiny of an independent body each year.

“The annual price setting process provides our customers with the comfort of knowing that once prices have been set for the year, they won’t go up again.”

To ease the transition for Aurora Pay As You Go (PAYG) customers who have not yet moved to Aurora Pay As You Go Plus or another regulated product of their choice, Aurora Energy will cap the price change for its Aurora PAYG customers to 2 per cent.

Mrs Kardos said the price changes formed only one part of a larger equation for customers, noting the impact of inefficient energy use on bills.

“Although we see the modest price increase as a positive outcome for our customers, we understand that even a small increase to the price of electricity can have a big impact on household budgets,” Mrs Kardos said.

“For many of our customers, the low energy efficiency of their homes is a big driver of high bills, especially in winter. We’re here to help and our website has plenty of simple tips that can help customers save power.”

Along with tips on how to make homes more energy efficient, Aurora Energy also has a range of product and payment options.

“We know everyone is different and the way they like to pay their bills is too. Whether you like to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly or avoid your quarterly bill all together, we have a solution for you,” Mrs Kardos said

“If you need a little help to get back on top of your accounts, our Your Energy Support program might be for you.”

The Regulator also announced the Feed in Tariff rate for customers with solar installations will be at 9.347 c/kWh for the period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020.

Customers receiving an electricity concession will also see their concession increase by 2 per cent.