We are commencing an ongoing research program to better understand you, our residential and small to medium business customers.

This survey will occur twice a year and will track how you feel about Aurora Energy. The survey will be a representative sample of all customers including those who have not actively contacted us for some time.  

We'll then use your responses to help enhance and develop new products and services that meet your needs better.


Is the survey I received from Aurora Energy real?

Yes, it is.

Who is Nature Pty Ltd?

Nature is a professional research agency who have been appointed by Aurora Energy to conduct the survey.

How long will the survey take to complete?

Around 15  minutes.

What is the survey about? Why is Aurora conducting it?

The survey is to get feedback from our customers – residential and business around their knowledge and satisfaction of Aurora Energy and what we do. We will then use this to help enhance develop products and services that meet our customer's needs.

Do I have to complete the survey?

No, you do not have to participate but we would value your feedback and the information you give us could help other customers too.

Some surveys pay you to respond, will I get paid?

No, sorry. You will not be paid for this survey.