Business Connection Form

Save time and arrange your connection online. It takes around 5 minutes to complete.

If your connection request is required for the next business day please call our business team on 1300 13 2045 to discuss the fees that apply.

  • Standard connection Fee: $66.74 (GST inclusive)
  • If your request is a priority or outside normal business hours, our Small Business Advisor will contact you to discuss the fees applicable.

Fees apply. If a government, regulator, network distributor or metering coordinator varies or introduces a fee, charge or tax, Aurora Energy may pass through all or part of this varied or new fee, charge or tax to you. The charges for network-related services, as approved by the Australian Energy Regulator, may include our reasonable costs for arranging such services.

If you have an outstanding debt from another account, you cannot connect online. Please call our Small Business team on 1300 132 045 from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

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Connection Details

Please select the Tariff that you would like to connect *:

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sub boards:

Please note if you indicate “YES” and connection is attempted and access is unable to be obtained, you will be charged a wasted visit fee of $65.48 (GST inclusive). To discuss access arrangements call our Small Business team on 1300 132 045.

Please note: if you know there are sub-boards inside the premises, they need to be left in the off position on the date of connection.

connection note:

Date format required DD/MM/YYYY (e.g. 21/10/2017)

We require a minimum notice of one business day before your connection date.
If your connection request is required for the next business day please call us on 1300 132 045 to discuss the fees that apply.
Connection dates are subject to approval, Aurora Energy will contact you if your chosen date is not available.

Acknowledgement and authority to connect electricity supply

  1. I have the authority to make this account request and confirm that these details are correct
  2. I understand and agree to the Aurora Energy terms & conditions as outlined in the Approved Electricity Prices and the Standard Tariff Agreement. 
    (Both are available at or Aurora Business phone number on 1300 132 045.)