Direct debit request form

When your bill is paid by direct debit from your bank account by the due date, you are entitled to the Direct Debit Discount of 5 cents per day.

To sign up, simply identify yourself with the ID we have on file for you, as well as your payment preferences and bank account.

Joint accounts are accepted where authorisation is provided by all account holders (eg John Smith and Paula Brown). 

Please refer to the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement before completing this form.

Credit Card Direct Debit

To arrange direct debit via your credit card, please use the Direct Debit sign up form (PDF 204KB) or phone 1300 13 2003.

Your details

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Bank details

All named account holders must be noted below. By submitting this form, it is accepted that all account holders have given their authority for this Direct Debit Request.

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Direct Debit arrangements

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I/we declare that the details provided above are correct and authorise Aurora Energy Pty Ltd (User ID No. 029022) to arrange for funds to be transferred from the account at the financial institution identified above. I/We agree to the terms as set out in the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement.

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