Floor Heating

This system can be used as a 'single room' or 'whole of house' heating option.

With no moving parts to wear out, floor heating is virtually maintenance-free. There are three types of this form of heating:


This is usually installed when building or renovating. It is built into the concrete slab with the heating cables tied to the cement's top reinforcing mesh before the slab is poured. It can be placed under almost any type of floor covering.


Especially suitable for tiled areas, this can be installed over concrete, timber and fibro-concrete sheet floors. A 20–25mm thick sand/cement layer, or 'screed', is laid over the cables. Because cables are closer to the surface, the heating response time is quicker. It is thermostatically controlled and ideally suited to use with a timer.


Suitable for installation over almost any existing hard floor surface (including tiles, timber and fibro-concrete sheet), under-tile heating is made up of a very thin heating element which is pre-attached to a self-adhesive heat-resistant mat. This is not designed to warm the room: it is designed to take the chill off tiles in areas such as bathrooms and is ideally used with another form of heating. It can be used with a timer and thermostat.


  • Safe, with no exposed or hot surfaces
  • In-slab can be run on OffPeak or the Aurora Heating Discount
  • Years of maintenance-free operation saves ongoing costs
  • Completely hidden system
  • No dust, therefore good for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Totally silent, draught-free
  • Provides an even distribution of heat
  • Programmable thermostat/timer options for non-OffPeak option


  • In-slab can only be installed when building or renovating
  • If there are problems with the system it can be expensive to fix