Demand tariffs

What is a demand tariff?

Under this tariff, special demand meters record the electricity used as well as the power measurement, known as the 'demand'.

Aurora Energy's kilowatt (kW) and kilovolt amp (kVA) demand tariffs consist of two separate metered components:

  • a charge per kW or kVA for demand; and
  • a charge per kilowatt hour (kWh or unit) for energy consumed.

For more information on business electricity rates and charges, call 1300 13 2045 or view the view electricity tariff brochure (PDF 84Kb).

A demand tariff may  save you money when your electricity demand profile (load factor) is applied such that  the electricity network capacity is being used optimally.

Generally, only high energy consumers with a load factor above 27% would find a demand tariff cost effective.

Basic plan information

For full price, terms and condition information, please refer to the Aurora Energy Standing Offer Price Schedule. Alternatively, please contact Aurora Energy