Small Business tariffs

These are tariffs approved and regulated by The Tasmanian Economic Regulator (TER). Click on the links below to see our full range of Standing Offer tariffs, or view the business electricity rates and charges brochure (PDF 145 Kb).

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All rates and charges below are effective from 1 July 2018 and are inclusive of GST.

Time of Use (ToU) Business Rate (Tariff 94)

Business Time of Use prices vary for different time periods of the day for when electricity is consumed.  These times periods are split into Peak, Shoulder and Off-Peak periods, and provide your business the opportunity reduce your electricity costs.  While all businesses may benefit from this product businesses that operate outside of the Peak time periods identified below will  benefit most. 

Time of Use (ToU) - Tariff 94
Daily supply charges 110.407 ¢/ day
Peak 27.866 ¢/ kWh
Shoulder 20.141 ¢/ kWh
Off-Peak 11.781 ¢/ kWh
Time Periods Tariff Rate
Mon – Fri: 7am - 10 pm Peak
Sat – Sun: 7am – 10 pm Shoulder
Mon – Sun: 10pm – 7am Off-Peak

General - Tariff 22

Tariff 22 delivers electricity price certainty for your business.  Regardless of when you require your electricity the same rates will apply.

General - Tariff 22
Daily supply charges 101.926 ¢/ day
First 500 kWh/quarter* 33.863 ¢/ kWh
Remainder 25.051 ¢/ kWh

* This figure is calculated based on a billing period of 91 days. If the billing period is different to this, the 500kWh is changed according to pro rata calculations.

Off-Peak - Tariff 61&62

Off-Peak Tariffs 61 & 62 are available in association with Tariff 22, while only Tariff 62 is available in with Tariff 94.Off-Peak tariffs apply to thermal-storage space heating, water heating and any other wired-in appliances as approved by TasNetworks.

Off-Peak with afternoon boost period - Tariff 61
Daily supply charges 21.808 ¢/ day
Energy rate 13.819 ¢/ kWh

* available for a period of at least 9 hours between 8pm of every day and 7am of the following day and 2 hours between 1pm - 4.30pm of every day.

Off-Peak, night period only - Tariff 62
Daily supply charges 20.846 ¢/ day
Energy rate 13.016 ¢/ kWh

* Available for a period for at least 9 hours between 10pm of every day and 7am of the following day.

Business hot water supply system - Tariff 43

Tariff 43 is only available in association with Tariff 22 and applies only to hot water systems with electric storage water heaters  complying with Australian Standard 1056.  The electricity heating unit rating must not exceed 16 watts per litre, or 32 watts per litre if the total delivery rating is greater than 500 litres.

Business hot water supply system - Tariff 43
Daily supply charges 18.273 ¢/ day
Energy (all kWh) 16.041 ¢/ kWh

Nursing homes light and power - Tariff 34 (Obsolete)

Nursing homes light and power – Tariff 34 is no longer available for new connections however will continue be applied for existing customers.  Please view the business electricity rates and charges brochure (PDF 84KB), effective 1 July 2018 or call 1300 132 045 for more information.

Please contact Aurora Energy on 1300 132 045 to discuss your options.

What qualifies as a nursing home?

A nursing home is a business registered with the Australian Government Department of Health.

Nursing homes light and power - Tariff 34
Daily supply charges 142.919 ¢/ day
First 500 kWh/ quarter 33.568 ¢/ kWh
Next 500 kWh/ quarter 25.863 ¢/ kWh
Remainder 22.008 ¢/ kWh

In additional customers supplied by Tariff 34 can also access Tariff 43 and 61 for approved installations.

Basic plan information

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