Gas rates and charges

How much will gas cost?

Effective 1 Janaury 2019.

Aurora Energy's tariff* for small business gas customers is 4.2007^ cents ($0.042007) per megajoule, plus a daily charge of 136.40^ cents.

* Aurora Energy may vary tariff rates in response to certain market events, including to reflect changes to gas transportation costs. Customers will be notified of such changes. This information is current as at January 2019. The rates, charges and tariffs referred to are inclusive of GST.

^This charge applies to commercial businesses using less than 1000 GJs (or 1,000,000 MJs) of gas per annum. If your business uses more than 1000 GJs of gas please contact us to discuss your pricing options.

Service charges

Reconnection - business hours $110
Reconnection - after hours $275
Final/special read - business hours $110
Final/special read - after hours $275
Disconnection - business hours $110
Disconnection - after hours $275
Meter re-location Price on application
Meter testing (if found accurate) - residential $110
Meter testing (if found accurate) - business $110
Late connection fee – not consuming gas within 90 days of connection $2500
Supply pressure alteration Price on application
Overdue account fee $5
Other services requested by customer Price on application

How will my gas consumption be measured?

Your gas consumption will be calculated in joules – the basic unit of energy used in the gas industry.

  • 1 megajoule (MJ) = 1 million joules
  • 1 gigajoule (GJ) = 1000 megajoules
  • 1 terrajoule (TJ) = 1000 gigajoules

The meter on your property will measure the flow of gas from the main pipeline in the street into your home.

Your gas account will show your gas consumption in MJs.