Why choose Aurora Energy

We are proud to be the only Tasmanian energy retailer able to provide both your electricity account and gas at competitive rates, with Aurora Energy’s current gas rates the lowest in the state.

Gas is a great complement to your electricity. It can be used to offer the convenience of instant hot water, precision cooking and fast heating. You can also use it outdoors for barbecues, balcony or patio heating, swimming pool heating or hot tubs.

The appeal of gas varies, just as the appeal of electricity does – your lifestyle will always be a factor when it comes to energy choices.

Pros and cons of gas


  • Competitively priced
  • Instant heat on demand
  • More appliances are becoming available
  • Burns cleanly
  • Lifestyle choice


  • Non-renewable and releases carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Can be expensive if your home is not properly insulated

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