Renewable energy grid connection

Small Business Customer grid connection

Customers with generation systems connected to the Tasmanian electricity network are able to sell surplus electricity to Aurora Energy. This type of energy generation is known as embedded generation, and can comprise a range of renewable sources  such as solar energy, wind energy or micro hydro.As an embedded generator, you are billed on a net basis, with your electricity billcalculated as the difference between the amount of electricity you export from your renewable energy system and the amount you import from the grid. You only pay for the electricity you use over and above what your renewable energy system produces.

Renewable, grid-connect energy systems are available in a range of forms and sizes. Aurora Energy strongly recommends to speak to our small business team prior to purchasing any system for advice on the rates available with embedded generation. 

Large Business Customer grid connection

For large Embedded Generation you may be eligible to enter into a contract for the generation you supply to the grid.

These types of contracts are typically for customer sites generating 10KVA or more (approximately a 10KW system) per phase, or those that are classified as large in the electricity market.

With these contracts, rates are provided for all units generated. There is netting or offsetting against the consumption used at the site for the bill calculations.