Options for Small Business Contestable Customers

What is Aurora Energy offering me as a small business contestable customer?

We offer eligible small business contestable customers the choice to either stay on their current tariff or go on a market contract with us. We will inform you of your options and provide you with details of our contract offers and how they differ from tariffs.

We're offering simplicity, competitive prices, quality service and local expertise and will make it easy for you to go on a contract if you want to. We'll help you find ways to save money and pick an option that suits your business.

How to arrange a contract?

To find out if you are eligible for a contract, you can request a callback or contact our sales team on 1300 13 2045.

How long will contracts go for?

We offer contracts for one, two or three years.

Will electricity charges be different on contract compared to tariff?

We will provide you with contract offers that could give you the opportunity to save money compared to your current tariff.

What if you want to change from contract back tariff?

As a small business contestable customer, you would have the option to revert back to a tariff with Aurora Energy after you have gone on a contract with us or another retailer; however you may be charged an early termination fee and/or administration fee for this change.

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