Aurora PAY AS YOU GO review update

Aurora Energy has been reviewing Aurora PAY AS YOU GO (APAYG) as the underlying infrastructure approaches end of life. Aurora Energy remains committed to providing customers with the benefits that APAYG currently offers as a new product solution is developed.

To ensure the best next generation prepayment product is delivered, in 2015 focus groups were held with APAYG customers who expressed a greater need for control, choice and convenience. They also provided insights into the features they would like to see in a new product. Since this time Aurora Energy has been investigating options for a prepayment product that meets these needs and takes advantage of the advances in technology.

A total of approximately 50 volunteers have now been recruited from locations across Tasmania to participate in a five month customer trial. From October 2016, trial participants will be able to use a smartphone app to monitor their energy usage supported by a communications-enabled meter installed at their premises. Customers will remain on their current APAYG tariff, but are able to pay through standard payment channels. To ensure participants have support throughout the trial and to capture their valuable feedback, a dedicated customer service line is in place.

By trialling this concept design we will be able to test how a new product meets the needs of existing APAYG customers as well as potentially appealing to a greater number of residential customers.

It is anticipated that the next generation prepayment product will be launched towards the end of 2017. In the meantime, Aurora Energy continues to support its current APAYG customers by ensuring that the underlying technology remains robust, while the next generation solution is developed. We will continue to engage with APAYG customers to ensure they are supported on APAYG and that it continues to be the right product choice for them.

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Important APAYG facts to remember

Aurora Energy reminds APAYG customers that the network distributor (TasNetworks) is obligated to obtain a meter read from all electricity meters including APAYG meters, at least once every 12 months.

This means that safe and clear access to the APAYG meter must be provided to TasNetworks’ meter readers to obtain this data. Please note that when a meter read is taken, it will not result in a bill for APAYG customers.

For more information about your APAYG product or other options, please call our Customer Service Advisors on 1300 13 2003, Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.