Aurora PAY AS YOU GO update

As you would be aware, APAYG’s underlying infrastructure is nearing the end of its functional life. Eventually, you will have to have APAYG exchanged and choose from one of our other product options.

We encourage you to talk to us about whether APAYG is still the right product for you. You can find other product information here, or call our Customer Service Advisors on 1300 132 003, Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

Future product

Aurora Energy is developing a new product that takes advantage of technology changes to bring our customers greater control, convenience and choice.  

In developing a new product, we are looking at the benefits that APAYG currently offers, with the added advantage of more flexible and convenient payment options to recharge, and access to energy use details that may help you better manage when, and how much energy, you use.

During October 2016, volunteers were recruited from locations across Tasmania to participate in a five month long field trial to test the features and benefits that were valued most highly by customers on the APAYG product, and to make it more appealing to a greater number of users.  

Product trial outcomes

At the end of the trial, there was 100% satisfaction with the product concept and 100% of participants did not want to go back to APAYG!    

Some of the Trial participants verbatim feedback included:

  • “Better than APAYG, could be away and pay – was in Adelaide and had left son at home but didn’t leave him money for this so I could pay from where I was.” 
  • “The process made me think about electricity a lot less than I would previously. I would forget about the power and it would alert me…. (it’s) more about convenience.” 
  • “No stress - when I used to leave the house I would always look at the box, but now I can just walk out the door.” 

Before the new product is ready, there are number of regulatory and commercial requirements to be finalised, as well as operational and system testing.   Until then, we continue to support our current APAYG customers and are always happy to discuss your energy needs.   

Important APAYG facts to remember

The network distributor (TasNetworks) is obligated to obtain a meter read from all electricity meters including APAYG meters, at least once every 12 months.

This means that safe and clear access to the APAYG meter must be provided to TasNetworks’ meter readers to obtain this data. Please note that when a meter read is taken, it will not result in a bill for APAYG customers.