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To help you take the stress out of your energy bill, request an online payment option today. 

Or if you prefer to discuss what arrangement is right for you, speak with one of our Customer Service Advisors on 1300 13 2003 from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

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Need more time? Request a one-off extension or a set up a short term payment plan.

If you think you need additional support or require a longer payment plan arrangement, please call us on 1300 13 2003
to discuss your options and eligibility for the Your Energy Support (YES) program.

Request a payment extension


Direct debit

Direct debit gives you the control to decide how to pay your energy bills – and then does the work for you!

With direct debit you have the option to deduct the full amount of your bill from your account as it comes due; make regular payments against your energy account so when your bill when it arrives you only have a portion owing; or combine the two options by making regular payments and any remaining amount owing will come out on the due date.

When your bill is paid by direct debit from your bank account by the due date, you are entitled to a Direct Debit Discount.

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Centrepay is a free voluntary bill paying service provided by Centrelink, where you can have fortnightly deductions made from your pension, benefits or allowances at no cost.

You can use Centrepay (external link) to make payments ahead of time and reduce the amount you need to pay when your bill arrives, or a target amount so deductions automatically stop when the target amount is reached.

Register your interest in Centrepay by completing our enquiry form (select 'bills and payments' as the subject) or speak with our Customer Service Advisors on 1300 13 2003 from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.



Your electricity bill may vary quite dramatically between seasons. With EasyPay, you can even out the amount you pay throughout the year.

Find out more about EasyPay (PDF 115KB) and how it can help keep tabs on your household budget. EasyPay can also be combined with direct debit to receive the Aurora Direct Debit Discount.

Register your interest in EasyPay by completing our enquiry form (select 'bills and payments' as the subject) or or speak with our Customer Service Advisors on 1300 13 2003 from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.