Pay the same amount throughout the year

Aurora EasyPay offers you the ability to budget a regular amount for your electricity account, without having to worry about the dramatic variation between summer and winter.

With Aurora EasyPay you can even out the amount you pay for electricity right through the year.

Based on your last four quarterly meter readings, we estimate your electricity use for the coming year.

This total is then divided by 26 (if you choose fortnightly repayments) or 12 (if you choose monthly repayments) to arrive at your regular Aurora EasyPay instalment amount. You can also make quarterly payments if you wish.

How do I become an Aurora EasyPay customer?

To find out what your Aurora EasyPay amount would be all you have to do is follow these easy steps:

  • Call Aurora on 1300 13 2003 and ask our consultants to calculate the amount you will need to commit to for your nominated payment schedule.
  • We will then confirm the arrangements with you in writing.
  • To make Aurora EasyPay even easier we recommend you combine it with direct debit and you will also receive the Aurora Direct Debit Discount.
  • Congratulations, you are now an Aurora Easypay customer.

How we monitor your EasyPay

Because we continue to read your meter every quarter, EasyPay performs a 'health check' to see whether you are still on track. If your electricity use increases or decreases by too great an amount during the year, we will detect this and modify your agreed instalment amount. You would be notified of any change approximately two weeks prior to it taking effect.

Completing your EasyPay arrangement

At the end of 12 months you will have completed your EasyPay arrangement, and the arrangement will end. You will receive notification from us once your EasyPay has been completed. If you would like to continue using EasyPay you will need to contact us and enter into a new arrangement.

Account payments

You need only pay the amount that is charged to you by EasyPay. If you are a current EasyPay customer and have changed your lifestyle recently (for example, there may be an extra person in the household) call 1300 13 2003 and we will check that your instalment amount will cover you over the year.

To make Aurora EasyPay even easier we recommend you combine it with Direct Debit. Because Direct Debit is automatic, you never have to worry about making an overdue payment.

Please note: If a payment is overdue, EasyPay may be automatically cancelled. This is why we recommend the use of direct debit. If you would like to pay your instalment by other means, please call 1300 13 2003.

Once on direct debit, EasyPay's annual review will modify your direct debit amount to keep it in line with your EasyPay instalment amount. Once again, you will be notified of this prior to taking effect. 

View more information on the Aurora Direct Debit Discount.

Terminating EasyPay

If you wish to cancel EasyPay just call and we will cancel the arrangement. EasyPay constantly tracks the difference between what we have charged and what you have used, so if you cancel EasyPay we can adjust this difference to your account.

If you move house, this will automatically terminate your EasyPay agreement. Your account may include your final meter reading if one was required.

When asking Aurora to connect the electricity to your new address, you will need to specify that you wish to remain on EasyPay. A new EasyPay agreement will be set up with a new instalment amount.

Contact us

If you would like to know more about Aurora EasyPay, please contact us via this online form(select 'bills and payments' as the subject) or call our Customer Service Centre on 1300 13 2003.