Business and Residential

If you are building a new house or making changes to your existing property – like installing solar or upgrading your electricity wiring, then your electrical contractor will need to submit some paperwork to the distributor TasNetworks to start the process. TasNetworks will then send us the paperwork and we’ll arrange for the work to be done.  

What you need to do

If you are building a new home you’ll first need to set up an Aurora Energy account; this will ensure that we can get your connection underway quickly.

Once your new connection is completed you will enter into a Standard Retail Contract, which forms the agreement between yourself and Aurora Energy. This document outlines our role as your energy retailer. You can view this here

To set up a new account you can complete the connection form here or call our Customer Service Team on 1300 132 003.

Access to your property

Clear and safe access to the meter location is required for crews to complete the work. Please ensure that there are no locked gates, doors, overgrown vegetation or anything else which may obstruct access to the meter.

If you have a dog, or any other livestock, please ensure they are visibly restrained away from the meter.

You do not need to meet the crew on site, however if you do need to be there to meet the access requirements, please let us know at the time you consent for the work.

If access is not provided, you may be charged a Wasted Site Visit fee, and there may be delays to having your work completed. 


Once we receive the Electrical Works Request (EWR) from the distributor TasNetworks, we will do our best to have the work processed, scheduled and completed as soon as we can. We endeavour to have meter exchanges completed around 15 business days from processing and new connections within approximately 3 business days after the distributor, TasNetworks has established supply.

Factors such as crew and contractor tee-ups (e.g. your contractor is required to meet the crew on site), complexity of requested work and crew availability can have an effect on expected timeframes. 

Fees and Charges

If there is any cost associated with your electrical work, we will contact you to let you know what that cost is. We will do this via email, SMS or phone call before we contact the service provider (TasNetworks or Metering Dynamics) to schedule your work.

Conditions found on site may alter the fees you are charged.

You can view all fees:

Click here to understand more about the process.