Electrical Contractors

Who to contact

Once you have submitted the Electrical Works Request (EWR) to TasNetworks, you can check the status of the EWR by logging in to the TasNetworks EWR Portal.

Aurora Energy also has a dedicated helpline for Electrical Contractor queries regarding EWRs. Access to the Metering Dynamics portal allows us to see the most up to date information on a works request.

Although we do not have access to the TasNetworks portal, we can liaise directly with TasNetworks to confirm the status of an EWR on your behalf.

To ensure we can assist with your EWR queries in the most efficient way, we ask that you provide the current status of the EWR, NMI or meter number (if possible), and the EWR reference number.

You can call our Electrical Contractor Helpline on 1300 085 055, or you can send an email to EChelpline@auroraenergy.com.au

Tips to ensure the process runs smoothly

There are some things you can do which will help us in processing your works request and limit delays.

New Connections

  • Complete the Connection Application with TasNetworks as soon as practical, before the connection is required.
  • Ensure the Connection Application process is complete before submitting the EWR to TasNetworks.
  • Attach photos in the EWR portal; this will enable quick identification of the work required on-site.
  • Add phases on to EWR, where possible.
  • Once the EWR has been accepted by TasNetworks, check its status in the EWR portal, remembering this can be done on a mobile device, before calling the Electrical Contractor Helpline.

Meter Alterations & Replacements

  • When installing solar, advise which tariff the solar will be connected to.
  • Check-in with your customer to ensure they have been advised of, and understand, all fees and charges associated with the work.
  • Understand that if issues are found on site this can impact meter installation timeframes. If you need advice relating to this, please contact the Electrical Contractor Helpline.

We are always looking for ways to make the process quicker and easier which is why we have recently sent out letters to some builders to provide a blanket approval to accept and confirm understanding of all fees and charges associated with the work. We hope that this will help reduce timeframes for new installs. You can email the Electrical Contractor Helpline to request a copy of this letter.

Understanding the Electrical Works Request (EWR) process

Aurora Energy and its partners are bound by industry rules and regulations which can impact when and how we are able to complete work.

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