Process and Timeframes

Getting a new meter?

If you’re building a new house or making changes to your existing electricity connection and require a new meter, there are a few things you need to know.

What you need to do

Your electrical contractor will need to submit some paperwork to the distributor TasNetworks to get the process started. If you’re building a new home you’ll need to set up an Aurora Energy account; this will ensure that we can get your connection underway quickly.

You can set up your account here or call us on 1300 132 003.

Connecting your meter

The supply work for a new connection is completed by TasNetworks. They will let us know once it is connected and we will arrange to install your meter. 
Your property must be accessible, safe and ready for the meter to be installed. 



We have an obligation to install your meter within certain timeframes, and for new connections, we will install your meter within 6 business days after the supply is established. Meter exchanges will be connected within 15 business days of processing your request or we will agree on a date that’s convenient for you.

Factors such as access to your property, safety, impacts to other customers, contract agreements, as well as co-ordination between service providers and contractors can have an effect on expected timeframes and our obligations to you.

If any of these conditions apply to you we will let you know and once the issue is rectified the timeframe will be reset. 


We'll keep you informed along the way

We’ll contact you at each step of the process. We’ll let you know when we receive your request, once we’ve scheduled a date to attend your property as well as a reminder the day before.


Fees and Charges

If there is any cost associated with your electrical work, we will contact you to let you know what that cost is. The conditions on site may alter the fees you are charged.

You can view all fees:

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