Gas appliances

Gas cooking

Cooking with gas is instant, responsive and convenient.

When you install a cooktop and oven you have the choice of where you want gas and where you want electricity: you may want a gas cooktop and gas oven, or an electric oven with just the gas cooktop. It just depends on your preference.

Gas cooktops heat up quickly which is very handy. They are also safer because you can see the flame when it is on. Make sure you choose a cooktop with flame failure, so your gas supply turns off if the flame goes out for any reason.

Gas ovens will also heat quickly and can be convection ovens or fan-forced. You can buy them as separate units, or all-in-one.

Barbecues can also be connected to the gas pipeline. This means you never have to call off a barbie because you didn't change the gas bottle! (Be careful though as once you have hooked up to the pipeline you cannot move your barbecue around.)

Gas heating

Gas heating is a cost effective and convenient alternative and gas log fire heaters provide a wonderful cosy atmosphere. You can also choose gas space heating alternatives – such as radiant or convection – or ducted gas heating.

These all compare well to electric heating options and you can find out more by checking out the heating cost comparison guide.

As well as providing ambience, radiant and convection heaters that are designed to heat a particular space have many features that are appealing such as timers, thermostats which makes them an effective heat source.

Gas ducted heating provides heating to your whole house, and thermostats allow you to control the temperature in particular rooms.

Gas hot water

With a continuous gas hot water system, you heat the water as you use it and therefore it never runs out. They don't need the space of a hot water storage cylinder plus you can set the temperature to suit you – so you can feel confident that you and your children are safe from hot water burns.