Heating cost comparison

How does this compare to my current energy use?

Please note: This is a guide only and will depend on the appliances that you choose. For example gas appliances have an average efficiency rate of 80% compared to some electrical appliances (such as heat pumps) that can have an efficiency rate of 300%. That is for every 1 kWh of energy that is used you will get the equivalent of 3 kWh of energy.

Heater Capacity Efficiency Max/ hour Thermostat effect (21°C)
Heat Pump1 6kW 300%2 34.3¢ 70%
Heat Pump Geothermal1 6kW 400%2 25.8¢ 70%
Wood1 6kW
equivalent output
60%2 37.2¢ N/A
Off-Peak Heating1 6kW
equivalent 24h output
100%2 51.8¢ 70%
Gas1 6kW
equivalent output
80%3 101.6¢ 70%
Ceiling Heat4 6kW 100% 103.0¢ 70%
Fixed Fan1 6kW 100% 103.0¢ 70%
Portable1 max 3 needed 6kW
equivalent output
100% 158.6¢ 70%

The above table is to be used as a guide only based on 60m2 or 6.5 squares. Costs may vary depending on room size insulation heat-loss the actual heater and usage.

  1. Service charges and meter costs are not included. Electrical heating prices are based on Aurora Energy Tariffs – Light and power (Tariff 31), Heating and hot water (Tariff 41) and Off-Peak (Tariff 61) as at July 2018. Aurora Energy gas prices current as at June 2018. Wood cost at $160 per tonne based on average advertised newspaper prices in Hobart July 2018.
  2. Different models will have different rates of efficiency.
  3. Unflued heaters which are not recommended by Aurora Energy can have an efficiency rating of 90 per cent. Flued gas heaters have efficiency ratings that vary from 60–90 per cent. Flame-effect heaters can have an efficiency rating as low as 50 per cent.
  4. Running costs for ceiling heat at 18°C.