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About AuroraGreen, our green energy product

GreenPower is a government accreditation scheme designed to encourage and reward electricity generation from new renewable energy sources.

By applying for AuroraGreen and implementing energy saving measures, you can help reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and provide support and investment in Australia's renewable energy industry.

GreenPower accredits renewable energy sources including solar, hydro, wind and biomass that were built after 1997 according to strict environmental standards. Existing renewable energy sources built prior to 1997 are not accredited.

AuroraGreen Pricing

Please see below for AuroraGreen Pricing.

Prices correct as at 1 January 2017.

% of GreenPower Price (incl. GST)
10% GreenPower 0.602 cents/kWh
20% GreenPower 1.205 cents/kWh
50% GreenPower 3.012 cents/kWh
75% GreenPower 4.517 cents/kWh
100% GreenPower 6.023 cents/kWh

These prices are additional to the normal electricity charges.

Note: Existing customers can change their GreenPower percentage or withdraw from the scheme with no cancellation charges. To request a change please write to Aurora Energy. The requested change with take effect 30 days after the letter is received.

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