Direct Debit Discount

When you sign up to smooth out your payment options using direct debit, you may be entitled to our direct debit discount.

This means that by choosing to do nothing and let us take care of your payments for you, you will also save money!

The discount is applied at a daily rate of 5c + GST per day and added up over the period of the statement. If the Direct Debit commenced since the start date of the period, calculation will be from the Direct Debit start date to the end date of the statement period.

Sign up for direct debit using our secure online form.

A discount applies to statements with charges for electricity use and show a direct debit receipt in the transactions.

The discount does not apply for:

  • direct debits by credit card
  • payment plans
  • a direct debit payment 'dishonoured' in the period of the statement
  • a reminder notice for the last statement
  • Electricity Market Offer Energy Plan
  • Gas accounts

More information

Sign up for direct debit using our secure online form.

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