Meter readers and dogs

dog meter reader

The safety of our meter readers is important to Aurora. Often the biggest barrier between the meter reader and your meters is dogs. This does not mean that your dog is dangerous, simply that we cannot take risks when it comes to the safety of our employees under any circumstances.

If our records indicate that you have a dog on your property and our meter reader cannot see that your dog has been restrained, they will not enter your property to read the meter if they feel their safety is compromised. If they can't read your meter, then your account will be estimated based on your account history.

To ensure your meter is read accurately, check your bill to find out when we're coming and safely and visibly secure your dog. You will find your next approximate meter reading date on your current Aurora bill. While we aim to read your meter on the 'Approximate Next Reading Date' displayed on your account, the actual reading may occur one day either side of that.

To find out more about meter readers and dogs, view our meter reader brochure (PDF 622kb) or read some frequently asked questions.

Aurora keeps records of those households who have a dog on their premises. If you no longer have a dog, or if there is a new canine addition to your family please let us know.

To find out more about meter readers and dogs please contact the Call Centre on 1300 13 2003.

We are currently running a trial for dog owners to read their own meters. Find out more or register for self meter reading.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to tie my dog up and what does 'visibly restrained' mean?

Your dog needs to be tied up to ensure the safety of our meter readers. When a meter reader has to enter your property to read your meter and they cannot see that your dog is tied up, they may not enter the property if they feel their safety is compromised.

Can I introduce my dog to the meter reader so he knows the dog and isn't scared of it?

Unfortunately no, this approach will not work as you will not always have the same meter reader visiting your property.

Can the meter reader knock on the door when they are at the house so I can put the dog away?

If our records indicate that you have a dog and we can't see that it's visibly restrained our meter readers will knock on the door, provided they have safe access to the door.

How do I know when your meter readers are coming?

Our meter readers will now read your meter either on 'Approximate Next Reading Date' on the back of your bill or 1 day on either side of that. If we fail to read your meter during this 3-day window we will organise at your request a special reading date at no cost to you.

How do I know when the meters have been read?

Aurora has adopted a new process in which customers can choose to be notified with a card in their letterbox when their meter has been read.

If you would like to register for this service please call 1300 13 2003 or with your details including your NMI number (found on the back of your bill).