At Aurora Energy our purpose is 'to proactively deliver practical energy solutions to all Tasmanians'

How do we achieve this purpose?

We asked our people – all our people – and as a team we developed a list of values and behaviours to live and work by as we unite to deliver on our purpose to you, our customers.

We are united – We work collaboratively as one team with one vision.

We will be accountable – We take responsibility for ourselves and deliver to others.

We will be open and honest – We are open and honest and seek constructive  feedback.

We will work to achieve – We are goal focused, and we measure performance and seek improvement.

We want to be trusted – We can be relied upon to do what we say we will do.

We will be known for being passionate and innovative – We work with enthusiasm and energy.

Code of Conduct

We are committed to high standards of honesty and integrity in delivering service to you, our customers, our stakeholders and the wider Tasmanian community.

Under the Code, all our people here at Aurora Energy commit to:

  • Working safely and in accordance with the law

  • Treating our customers, the public and fellow employees with honesty, courtesy and respect

  • Performing our duties with professionalism, integrity and efficiency

  • Ensuring our personal business and financial interests do not conflict with our duty to Aurora Energy

  • Ensuring the security and privacy of all confidential information received in the course of our work

  • Ensuring we do not misuse our position

  • Ensuring that Aurora Energy assets and resources are only used for proper business purposes

  • Recognising value and effectively utilising the diversity amongst our people

  • Demonstrate our care for the environment in the way we work.

View more detail in our Code of Conduct

Would you like to work with us?

The time to join the energy sector in Tasmania has never been better. With a focus on better service for Tasmanian customers and growing the role we play in renewable energy here in Tasmania, you can be part of something special.

It's good to feel proud of where you work.

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