Aurora has been responsible for coordinating the installation of advanced meters for its residential and small business customers since December 2017.

Now that we’ve been in the metering business for a while, we wanted to share our learnings with Electrical Contractors (ECs), so that together we can deliver hassle-free meter exchanges for our customers.

Meter exchange advice 

Talking tariffs & energy plans

It's important customers have all the information they need to choose the best energy plan for them, because:

  • Being on the right plan or tariff can make a big difference to energy bills. 
  • Once removed, some tariffs cannot be reinstalled (like tariff 61, now obsolete cannot be put back on once removed.) 
  • Some products like aurora+ for business are only available on certain plans.

Customers can visit our website to see all our residential and business options. 

Residential customers can also use our right plan calculator to help them find the best energy plan for their lifestyle. 

If customers are unsure, we recommend they get in touch with us to learn more about what's available for them. 

Electrical works requests

For information about a current electrical works request (EWR) call Aurora's EC hotline on 1300 085 055.