As with any type of energy, how much it costs will depend on how much you use!

Gas is a great complement to your electricity. It can be used to offer the convenience of instant hot water, precision cooking and fast heating. You can also use it outdoors for barbecues, balcony or patio heating, swimming pool heating or hot tubs.

The appeal of gas varies, just as the appeal of electricity does – your lifestyle will always be a factor when it comes to energy choices.

It's important to know that...

Gas is measured in joules, and on your bill we will show your consumption in megajoules (MJ, or million joules).

Aurora Gas

Daily supply charges 57.00 ¢/day
Energy (all units) 4.1700 ¢/MJ

(Our gas rates are current from June 2022 and include GST). 

For more information, you can view our Aurora Gas rates and charges brochure 

You can read our Gas Customer Charter here

If things change in the gas market, such as the cost of getting the gas to you, we may need to amend
the rates. If this is the case, we will let you know in advance!  

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