Struggling to pay your power bill? 

We can help. 

We have a number of support options to help you get back on track and stay connected. Just call our friendly, local team to talk through the best option for you. 

The independent Tasmanian Economic Regulator has announced that prices will increase by 11.88% on 1 July. To help with your rising energy prices, Aurora Energy and the Tasmanian Government have a number of support options available. 

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Aurora Support 

As Tasmanians ourselves we understand that any price increase will have an impact on Tassie homes and businesses. That's why we have more support than ever before. Get in touch to see how we can help you stay on top of your bills. 

$1.7M Customer Support Fund

Help to support residential and small business customers experiencing financial vulnerability. 

This will allow us to help people pay their energy bills and allocate more resourcing to people experiencing hardship through things like bill relief, waiving fees and charges, freezing debt, payment plans, and more.

Contact our local team to see how we can help you. 

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aurora+ fee removal

From 1 July 2022 aurora+ will no longer have a daily product fee of 11c/day.

With aurora+ you can see your daily energy usage down to the hour, giving you more power to find efficiencies in your home. Pay as you go, or when your monthly bill is due; the power is in your hands. 

If you can see it, you can save it. 

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YES Program incentive

We've extended our YES program incentive payment by another 12 months.

Customers already participating in the YES program will receive one of their payments (up to $200) paid on to their Aurora Energy account. 

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Payment Plans

If you need some extra time, we have 12 or 18-month plans available. You can pay off your debt, as well as keep up with your ongoing usage. 

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Payment extensions

You can extend the due date of your bill or pay it off in smaller payments over 3 months.

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YES Program

With tailored support, our YES (Your Energy Support) program can help you take control of your power bills.

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Government Support

The Tasmanian Government has announced measures to support Tasmanians with the electricity price rise. 

Winter Energy Assistance Package 2022

$119 Bill Credit

The Tasmanian Government has announced a $119 bill credit for eligible concession account holders.

This credit will be applied to bills from August 1st. There is no need to call this will happen automatically.

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Concession increase

The Tasmanian Government has announced that the Annual Electricity Concession will increase by $61.

Available to eligible concession account holders. 

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