Need some more time?

If you need some more time to pay you can:

  • Choose a one-off extension and pay in full in a couple of weeks or; 
  • Choose to pay an amount every week or fortnight until it's all paid off! 

Your bill just needs to be all paid before your next meter read date* (you can find out when that is on your bill).

*Any payments made within a week of your next meter read date may not appear on your bill depending on payment processing times.


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More information

You may be charged a late fee of $5 and a small amount of interest will be charged to your next bill every day there is an outstanding amount after the due date.

If you need longer to pay your bill, we can help you with a long-term payment plan. Call us on 1300 132 003. If you've received notice that you are scheduled for disconnection, please call us to discuss your options