Advanced meters are the next generation of electricity meters and offer you many more benefits than traditional basic meters. 

They record your energy usage in 15-minute intervals and, where mobile phone coverage allows, your data is sent securely on a daily basis to us (once per day).

Advanced meters open up exciting opportunities for Tasmanian customers, as it enables Aurora to offer new digital products and services.

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Prepare your business for an advanced meter

Advanced meters can bring a huge range of benefits to your business, but before you do ahead with the meter exchange, it's important to make sure your site is ready for an advanced meter. 

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Building or renovating?

Electricity plays a big role in building or renovating your home and there are a few things you need to know before you get stuck into it!

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What to expect when getting a new meter

Whether you've just built a new home, had solar installed or simply changed your energy product, if you've had a new meter installed there are a few things you need to know. 

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Frequently asked questions

Does having an advanced meter make a difference to my bill?

When you have an advanced meter installed the way energy usage appears on your bill will look a little different. Instead of a start read date and end read date, you will see the entire amount of units used per tariff in the billing period.

Although your bill might look a little different, the amount you pay for power is the same whether you have an advanced meter or an old basic meter.

I have an advanced meter, will someone still read my meter every 3 months?

Where there is mobile coverage, your electricity usage data is sent to us securely on a daily basis. However, if this coverage is not available our service provider will still need to access your property to download your energy data every 3 months.

If I am in a mobile black spot, can I still have an advanced meter?

Yes, however your meter will need to be read manually.

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What’s the difference between a basic meter and an advanced meter?

The main difference between basic meters and advanced meters is the way in which your energy usage is recorded and sent to Aurora Energy.

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