Big business means big ideas!

Published on
2 April 2019


When it comes to large business customers, our first question is: what is going to get them the best energy outcome?

We set our large business team the challenge of coming up with smart and customised energy plans that could actually mean better business for our customers. We told them to think big, go large, and go beyond the norm.

We pride ourselves on providing specialist account management services for our business customers, but we decided to go one better. We could take the power to the customers at a generation level.

When SRT Logistics (another local, Tasmanian owned and operated business looking to do great thing) decided to start considering Solar our business team jumped at the opportunity to partner with SRT and Beon to develop a solution.  

The transport company has offices throughout the state, with a fair amount of infrastructure to go with it, so it made a lot of sense to look at solar energy. The SRT Logistics project uses 2,546 solar panels installed at distribution centres at Devonport and Launceston.

These panels provide a massive generation capacity of 840kW (589kW in Devonport & 251kW in Launceston). They were installed with the support of Beon Energy Solutions and are one of the largest customer solar PV installations in Tas

SRT Solar
Solar panels being fitted to SRT Devonport

mania. They actually generate over 1 million kWhs per year, which is about what is used by 143 homes!

This cutting edge approach to working with local businesses is a vital way to progress in the future and we believe it is just the first step in both making Tasmania a more renewable, powerful state – and actively working with businesses to create benefits that go deeper than just a nod to account management.