Price Determination outcomes

Published on
30 April 2022

Aurora Energy CEO/Managing Director Rebecca Kardos has welcomed the release of the Price Determination from Tasmania’s Independent Economic Regulator.

The Price Determination sets Aurora’s retail allowances for the next three years from 1 July 2022 and as a result these allowances will reduce in real terms across that period. Aurora Energy is the only Tasmanian retailer to have its costs scrutinised to ensure they are prudent and efficient through the Regulator.

“We thank the Regulator for a thorough and constructive process over the past 12 months,” Mrs Kardos said.

“As a Tasmanian owned and operated business, we are committed to playing our part to support the local community, keep retail costs low and provide the tools necessary to enable customers to take control of their energy usage.”

Aurora Energy remains absolutely committed to aurora+, which gives Tasmanians the opportunity to gain greater control over their energy usage and ultimately reduce their electricity costs. Aurora Energy acknowledges the Tasmanian Government’s request not to recover the costs of aurora+ through the regulated pricing framework for the time being and will be communicating with customers in due course.