Dimming lights

Your lights may dim or dip slightly when a powerful appliance such as a refrigerator or heat pump turns on. This can be ok, but if your lights are continually low or inconsistent, it means your wiring needs to be looked at by a licensed electrical contractor.

Tingles & shocks

This is never ok! Do not ignore a shock from an electrical appliance or power tool - no matter how minor. If you receive a tingle from touching taps, there is a problem that requires urgent attention. Report it immediately to TasNetworks on 13 2004.

Old appliances

If an oven, toaster, kettle or any other appliance seems to take longer to work than usual, it could be a major problem and you should call a licensed electrical contractor. Don’t try to fix old or worn out electrical appliances yourself - take them to an authorised repairer or throw them out.

Power points

- Discoloured, melted or cracked power points or light fittings can indicate overheating of building wiring. Don't take risks. Call your licensed electrical contractor to investigate.

- While it is normal for switches or power points to sometimes emit a tiny flash when you turn them on, be on the lookout for excessive noise or sparking or burning smells. If this happens call a licensed electrical contractor.

Wet areas

Water conducts electricity. Even switching on a light switch with wet hands can be dangerous. Make sure you keep electrical leads and appliances away from wet areas and out of the rain.

Outside building work

Are you doing any construction as part of your work? Don’t dig until you have called 1100 or visit the Dial Before You Dig website to find out what’s underneath.

Also, an accredited cable location service provider can locate the distributor's (TasNetworks) cables.