Quick Answer

If you've received a notification that your aurora+ account number has changed due to moving to our new account management system, you may find your energy data from before the change is no longer viewable in the way you're used to.

Don't worry, you can still view this data within the app. Read on to find out how.

Your aurora+ app will always default to your most recent usage data. To view your historical data (i.e. before your account number changed.) You just need to navigate to the usage page and click on your address. 


aurora+ data 1


When you click on the address field, you'll notice the drop-down will show your address duplicated. There will be a little tick next to the address and associated data you are currently viewing. To see your energy data from before the change click on the duplicate address. See below:

aurora+ energy data

To view your historical usage, you'll need to use the date picker to navigate back to a date before your account number changed.