Gas is super safe and reliable, but occasionally things go wrong. It’s really important that you understand any potential dangers and what to do in an emergency.

If it’s an emergency now

Call Tas Gas Networks’ Gas Emergency Response Centre on 180 2111, or if you’re using a mobile, call 131 909.

Call 000 if a life is in danger.

Is there a gas leak in your street?

If you smell gas in your street or on your property, call Tas Gas Networks’ Gas Emergency Response Centre straight away. If the leak is coming from a section of pipe that leads to your appliances turn the gas off at the meter and contact a licensed gas fitter to inspect and rectify the problem. Don't try to fix the gas leak yourself.

Can you smell gas inside your building?

If you can smell gas in your building or street, call 000 straight away. If it is safe to do so, you should:

  • Turn off all appliances including pilot lights.
  • Turn off the gas meter.
  • Turn the power off at the switchboard - Don’t use switches to turn off electrical appliances!
  • Extinguish all flames and don't use any ignition sources (like mobile phones, power points and light switches), or naked flames.
  • Open doors and windows.

You should also call Tas Gas Networks' Gas Emergency Response Centre on 1802 111 for assistance at any time.

Has your gas supply stopped?

If an appliance stops working, check to see if other appliances are affected. If it’s just the one appliance, contact your licensed gasfitter. If all your appliances have stopped working, check your gas meter control valve to make sure it hasn’t been turned off. If the valve is on, contact Tas Gas Networks' Gas Emergency Response Centre.

How to use gas appliances safely

  • Never cover temperature controls, air openings, or vents.
  • Don’t leave paper, rags or flammable material near appliances.
  • Turn your heater off when you leave the premises.
  • Before turning on a gas burner, press the ignition button or light a match. If the burner does not light, wait for the gas smell to clear before trying again.
  •  Do not let gas build up before igniting appliances.
  • Pilot lights and main burners should create a blue flame. If the flame is yellow or red contact your licensed gasfitter.