Select bill type

Account name and postal address

The name of the account holder (there may be more than one) and the address the bills are sent to.

Statement for the period

These dates relate to when your bill was issued, not the dates of your meter read.

Account summary

Summary information based on the opening balance (amount due on your previous bill), total payments, energy charges and other items. Detailed information is displayed on Page 2

Amount due and pay by date

Amount Due: Total amount due on your account as at end of statement period date (including any arrears).
Due Date: The date new charges are payable by (overdue amounts are payable immediately).

Payment options and payment slip

Details the ways you can pay using your reference number and relevant biller codes. More payment options are available on page 2 of your bill.

Details of Payments and Charges

The total of all payments received in this billing period. 

As well as the totals for all charges and credits within the billing period (including supply and energy charges, and concession discounts)

If your account is estimated or has had changes applied, you will be notified here and directed to the back page for further details.

Service and Support

Details some of the ways we can help and support you. For more information please visit or we are always happy to hear from you by phone.

Emergency contact information

Your local distributor's emergency number to report any faults or emergencies.


Information about energy usage and charges

This includes a breakdown of charges including services charges, demand and energy rates.

Here you will see your tariffs (or plan) including your solar feed-in total for the billing period. 


Any concessions you receive will appear here.

Metering Information

Metering Information shows the total of kWh used on each physical meter at your premises. It does not show which tariff separately. 

If you have solar, your solar-feed in total will not be shown here.

Same period last year

For approx. 12 months after being moved to the new account management system, your 'same period last year' data will not show on your bill. Please contact us online to access your data. We apologise for any inconvenience. 

Bill period comparison graph

This shows your actual electricity use for the quarter compared with the seasonal average energy used by other households in Tasmania.