On the Residential Peak and Off-Peak product, everything in your home runs off one tariff (Tariff 93). On this product, you’ll have cheaper times to run your power and more expensive times (which is why we call it peak and off-peak!).  It's off-peak over 73% of the time, so there's plenty of time to save. 

If you have solar, this product may be the option for you. When you’re on “Peak and Off-Peak” all your electricity is off-set by the solar you generate (lights, power, heating, and hot water). This is not always the case with some of our other products (which might only allow your lights and power to be offset by your solar generation).

If you have a battery, you can save the excess power you generate in the off-peak time (during the middle of the day), so you can use it later in peak times (during the evening and mornings).

Here’s a table of the charges and times for Residential Peak and Off-Peak product.

    Peak & Off-Peak (Tariff 93)

    Daily supply charges 98.234 ¢/day
    Peak 29.852 ¢/kWh
    Off-Peak 13.900 ¢/kWh
    Time Periods (Australian Eastern Standard Time) Tariff Rate
    Mon – Fri: 7am – 10am | 4pm – 9pm (AEST) Peak
    Mon - Fri: 10am – 4pm | 9pm - 7am (AEST) Off-Peak
    Sat – Sun: (all weekends) Off-Peak


     Australian Daylight Saving Time (ADST) starts on the first Sunday in October and ends on the first Sunday in April. 

    Time Periods (Australian Daylight Saving Time) Tariff Rate 
    Mon – Fri: 8am – 11am | 5pm – 10pm (ADST) Peak
    Mon - Fri: 11am – 5pm | 10pm - 8am (ADST) Off-Peak
    Sat – Sun: (all weekends) Off-Peak

    Prices effective as of 1 July 2021

    The fine print

    Some energy products listed may not be available depending on what has previously existed at the property.

    Please also note if work has been done at the premises without informing TasNetworks or Aurora Energy, this may impact which tariffs are applied.

    All prices include GST. 

    You can view the July 2021 electricity tariff brochure here

    Late Fees and Overdue interest

    If your account is not paid by the due date and you haven’t contacted us for a payment extension, a $5 late payment fee will be charged to your next account. You may also be charged overdue interest which is set by the Reserve Bank of Australia and reflects the 90-day Bank Accepted Bill rate (plus 6%).


    The Pensioner Rebate is funded by the State Government and provided by Aurora Energy to eligible Pensioners.  

    Additional Charges

    If a government, regulator, or network distributor varies or introduces a fee, charge, or tax, we may pass through all or part of this to you. The charges for network-related services, as approved by the Australian Energy Regulator, may include our reasonable costs for arranging such services.

    Basic plan information

    For full price, terms, and condition information, you can refer to the Aurora Energy Standing Offer Price Schedule or the Australian Government Energy Made Easy basic plan information document:

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